As we wrote in our post on the best 18 sets we saw at SXSW 2018 about Sylvan Esso:

Their one SXSW show this year was a Friday night Rainey Street shindig sponsored by M&M’s (though as a duo they also would have fit right into the Twix “House of Duos” party at the same venue a day earlier). Amelia Meath — as she revealed during their 45 minute set — was suffering from food poisoning (she says she threw up that morning on 6th Street, which incidentally is actually a popular activity in Austin on a weekend that contains St. Patrick’s Day, SXSW, AND the Final Four). You never would have known it though, as they tore through straight hits, new song “PARAD(w/m)E” included. If you weren’t dancing and smiling like they were on stage, you probably — unlike Amelia — should have been taking the evening off in your hotel room.

Check out pictures from Sylvan Esso's set at the M&M's House of Sound & Color at Lustre Pearl in the gallery above, as well as some of opener Billie Eilish.


photos by Amanda Hatfield

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