Center of Lindsey Kuhn's custom poster collection for Emo's Inside:
Emo's Inside Custom Posters

For almost 20 years, Lindsey Kuhn has been creating custom artwork and posters for Emo's and others. To commemorate the end-of-year shutdown of the inside stage he's created 9 new posters that will be available for purchase at shows from December 14th (tonight) through the final show with Killdozer on December 30th.

From Emo's:

For years Lindsey Kuhn designed and screened some of the most iconic concert posters for Emo's, many of which you can still find hanging throughout the venue today. Now he has put together a project to commemorate its closing - nine individual posters that when assembled correctly create an impressive master image. Each will be for sale throughout the rest of the month during the "Emo's Apocalypse," a farewell concert series at the original downtown venue featuring some of the most celebrated local bands from past and present. Collect all nine and maybe you can convince your hippie roommate to finally take down that tapestry he's had since college.

Screen prints of the individual posters will be for sale at each show, with the option to purchase the whole collection.

Check out the 9-poster set below:


Complete set, side by side:
Emo's Inside Custom Posters

Complete set, larger:
Emo's Inside Custom Posters

Emo's Inside Final Shows:

12/12 Pocket FishRmen, Baby Dick, Total Unicorn ($5)
12/13 Terry Snow Bye Bye Bingo (Free)
12/14 Dixie Witch, Honky, El Pathos ($5)
12/15 Dead End Cruisers, The Motards, The Chumps, Jesus Christ Superfly, Bulemics (Free)
12/16 Man or Astroman?, Fuckemos, Thighmaster, Cunto ($20)
12/17 Agony Column, Flash Boys, Blunt Force Trauma ($15)
12/18 Clutch, Chronolung ($32)
12/19 Black Cobra, Zoroaster, The Body, Skycrawler ($12)
12/20 Skrew, The Blood Royale, Mala Suerte, Beyond The Blood (Benefit Show)
12/21 The Brigade, DSGNS, The Artillery, For Every Empire ($5)
12/22 Dikes of Holland, The Young, Gospel Truth, Creationists, Crooked Bangs ($5)
12/23 The Riverboat Gamblers ($7)
12/26 John Wesley Coleman, Blower (ex. Didjits), The Negatives, Scrabble Robot (Free)
12/28 OBN lll, Video, Wiccans ($5)
12/29 Quintron, Mind Spiders, Manatees, The Flesh Lights ($12)
12/30 Killdozer, Women In Prison, Rituals ($20)
12/31 RIP Emo's Inside

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