Do512 hosted an "EPIC!" SXSW Interactive party at Hotel Vegas on Friday night (3/10). Sponsored by Car2Go, the artists playing the Austin show included rapper Fat Tony and Merge Records-signed locals A Giant Dog. I'm sure the show was great, but the rest of the night majorly sucked for attendee Michael Sanders who was robbed and shot on his walk home. Austin Chronicle reports:

Sanders, lead guitarist for indie rock quartet Löwin, walked home alone from A Giant Dog’s Friday night performance at Hotel Vegas when three masked men – two armed with handguns, one with a AR-15 rifle – jumped out from some bushes near his house on Leona Street, pushed him up against a car, and stole his money and cell phone.

As the robbers hustled towards their car, Sanders began to walk in the same direction to his house. One the men turned around and, without hesitation, fired his handgun at Sanders. The bullet caught him in the shoulder.

Yikes. Luckily, as the Chronicle details, Sanders is doing alright, though he'll have to sit out of his own band's SXSW shows this week.

The band's own Facebook has this message today:

Hi folks, our brother Michael got shot Friday night walking home from a show. He is totally on the mend and was blessed with "best case scenario" conditions as far as being shot goes. However, we'd like to advise all of you that are SXSW-ing to be careful, alert, and walk in groups at the end of the night. Love you all. Be safe.

Get well soon, Michael!

Meanwhile, BV team is set to land in Austin on Tuesday and Wednesday in time for our own series of shows, though at the moment we're a bit worried we're going to spend more time in airports than Austin...

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