Vegan Fried Chicken Dinner

Yes, "hot dogs" and "Braised Beef Poutine" made the list too, but we were happy to see "Vegan Fried Chicken Dinner" top Kyle's list at Matablog, not to mention a shoutout to our favorite vegan-friendly pizza place in Brooklyn (Vinnie's). See the list in full below...

Kyle Edwards, The Young
Top Ten Tour Eats of 2012

1. The Owlery, Bloomington IN: Vegan Fried Chicken Dinner
2. Zante's Pizza, San Francisco CA: Indian Pizza
3. La Estrella #3, Highland Park CA: Fish Tacos
4. Van Loc, Houston TX: Garlic Tofu
5. Odge's, Chicago IL: Hot Dogs
6. Vinnie's, Anna Maria's, & Carmine's, Brooklyn NY: Pizza Binge
7. Poutinville, Montreal QC: Braised Beef Poutine
8. Cevapcici, WestFest, Chicago IL: Multiple Animal Logs
9. El Farolito, Oakland CA: Carne Asada Burrito
10. Jimboy's, Reno NV & Rosedale CA: Parmesan Tacos

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