Iggy Pop & Josh Homme at Moody TheaterIggy Pop @ Moody Theater 3/16/2016

The new album sounds more like those Bowie collaborations than Iggy’s stuff has in a while, and if you had any doubt about how the new stuff measures up, seeing it played side by side with the classics crushes that doubt. No question the true highlights were times like when Iggy and this ace band took “Nightclubbing” into “The Passenger” into “China Girl” to end the pre-encore set, but then when they came back out to “Break Into Your Heart,” it was just about as satisfying. As anyone who’s seen Iggy recently knows, he is still unstoppable live in ways that almost seem physically impossible. This 68-years-young man runs around stage more than most people half his age, yells his heart out, throws his mic stand, and at one point flung himself into the crowd with zero hesitation. Not to mention he still sticks to the long-haired, shirtless, tight pants look. There may not be a person alive who’s more rock ‘n’ roll than Iggy Pop. - [Andrew Sacher on BV]

We already reviewed Iggy Pop's official SXSW showcase which happened Wednesday at Moody Theater and now here are a full set of pictures from the show. It was Iggy and his QUOTSA/Arctic Monkeys/Chavez-fueled band's second straight night at the venue, the first being an Austin City Limits taping.

Lots more pics below.