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As you know, Hotel Vegas is turning into "Hotel Vegan" this SXSW, but only during the days. At night we'll hand the venue over to SXSW who will host official showcases on at least one of the venue's three stages. On Wednesday and Thursday that honor belongs to our friends at Sub Pop spinoff Hardly Art. Check out the lineups in the poster above, with more info and set times below...


You didn't think we'd sit this one out, did you? At this year's SXSW music conference, Hardly Art is hosting eleven of our finest bands (plus Mujeres, our special guests from Barcelona!) over two nights of music, mezcal, and merriment. Once you've finished ogling our show poster by the inimitable Nick Gazin, make a note on your i-Calendars: our showcases will be held on Wednesday, March 14th and Thursday, March 15th at Hotel Vegas (1500 E. 6th St). Expect to catch great sets by the likes of La Sera, Jacuzzi Boys, Seapony, K-Holes, X-Ray Eyeballs, Colleen Green, and more! We've also decided--after the success of last year's Hardly Art SXSW zine--to distribute another, our third issue in one year's time! We promise the new zine will come loaded with awesome content (with more details to follow). For a full list of Hardly Art SXSW 2012 Showcase performers and set times, see below. To RSVP to our showcase(s) on facebook, click here.

Shimmering Stars (Vancouver, BC) - 8:00-8:40pm
Xray Eyeballs (Brooklyn, NY) - 9:00-9:40pm
Magic Trick (San Francisco, CA) - 10:00-10:40pm
Deep Time (Austin, TX) - 11:00-11:40pm
K-Holes (Brooklyn, NY) - 12:00-12:40am
Jacuzzi Boys (Miami, FL) - 1:00-1:50am

Mujeres (Barcelona, Spain) - 8:00-8:40pm
TacocaT (Seattle, WA) - 9:00-9:40pm
Grave Babies (Seattle, WA) - 10:00-10:40pm
Colleen Green (Boston, MA) - 11:00-11:40pm
Seapony (Seattle, WA) - 12:00-12:40am
La Sera (Los Angeles, CA) - 1:00-1:50am

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