photos by Trent Maxwell; words by Doug Moore

Goblin / Warbeast @ Housecore Horror Fest 2013

The inaugural Housecore Horror Film Fest took place in Austin over this past weekend (10/25-10/27). Though the fest takes its name from its movie screenings, it may have also been the best North American metal festival of 2013 outside of MDF.

We've got photos from Friday -- featuring Pallbearer, Repulsion, Warbeast, and Down, plus Goblin playing 'Suspira' live to the movie  -- over at Invisible Oranges, plus an extensive writeup from filmmaker/label dude/all-around maniac David Hall. You may know David from his label/production house Handshake Inc, his work on Maryland Deathfest: The Movie 1 & 2, the upcoming Decibel 100th-Issue Show flick, or from one of his many other video collaborations. (We also interviewed him a few years back.) Here's an excerpt:

After a killer lunch at Polvo with Morgan from Kill the Client, and a stop at End of the Ear (I was starting to see the real Austin) we headed to the main venue/compound of the Housecore fest: Emo's and Antone's. Emo's, if you've never been, is a massive, pro-style concert venue, an amazing room for sound and great views pretty much anywhere you stood - the capacity must be at least three-thousand and was to feature the 'bigger' acts of the fest. Antone's, a smaller nightclub, but still substantial in size, would feature other bands and acts for the packed, daily schedule. The two venues were on opposite sides of a lengthy strip-mall - connected by sidewalks and pathways, restaurants, dentists, ice cream shops. A massive tent - the Grind Tent - was set up out back of Emo's and the Zombie Room, a dance/zumba studio the fest appropriated for the weekend, was where all the screenings went down.

I liked the feel of this site for the fest. It was in a fish-bowl of mid-70s urban sprawl with cool restaurants and had a slightly sketchy vibe. It felt comfortable and right to see the horde of black shirts and zombie/monster/slasher-movie-paraphernalia-wearing concertgoers flood the area. Some people were in costume. There was some sort of Spock-vampire dude with chef hair and a petty coat. He was rad.

Blue Ox BBQ across the street = baller hot meat. And on Sundays they have all you can eat pancakes and a make-your-own-bloody-mary bar. There's a Mexican restaurant across the street too, I forget the name of it but it rules and you can go there at midnight and eat next to Mexican babies.

It only gets weirder from there. Check out some of the photos (plus some footage of Down) below and look for more pics soon; the full set of pics and writeup are over at IO.







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