The Ghostemane / Jesus Piece tour hit Austin's Mohawk last night (11/19), but the show was shut down early due to an apparent altercation between opener (and Ghostemane's brother) Horus the Astroneer and venue security. An Austin resident told Lambgoat, "allegedly, Ghostemane threatened to shoot up the venue after his brother's nose got broken by venue security." UPDATE: A representative for Ghostemane says: "Ghostemane made no such threat and has never threatened retaliation with gun violence to any member of venue staff nor any members of the crowd. Ghostemane was upset that he did not get to perform for his fans, many of whom came from distant places to see him play. Their safety of his fans and their enjoyment of his show is always his biggest goal."

Mohawk issued a statement on Twitter about the cancellation, calling it "purely a safety issue driven by an altercation and the subsequent escalating aggression inside and outside our venue that forced us to take action." They're offering full refunds. Here's the statement:

Here are some other accounts via attendees on Twitter, including a video of the crowd chanting "fuck that shit":

Ghostemane has not yet commented publicly on the situation. Stay tuned for any further updates on this story.

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