Charlotte’s own, Da Baby was next up, unbeknownst to anyone but his crew and the higher-ups at The Fader. There was no special announcement made but the Fort is known for its surprise guests and pop-up performances. He got through the first high octane track before pulling his hoodie off and jumping into the crowd with another shirtless guy from his clique. Instinctively, the crowd held them up high above the phones that recorded every move. Baby jumped down into the crowd and began to move around never missing a bar. Fans enveloped him until he made his way back to the platform where he and his entire squad formed a sort of train and marched the perimeter of the stage. It was a move that could’ve looked corny if anyone else had attempted it.

Dreezy was up next and she gifted fans with her first live performance of the track “Ecstasy” from her most recent album, Big Dreez. She shook, popped and gyrated alongside her dancers while running through “RIP Aretha” and fan favorite “Chanel Slides.” The space had filled in and the stage was set for Big Boi to close the night out at Fader Fort Thursday evening.

“I hope Andre [3000] comes out,” one concertgoer shouted to his companion. The other man shrugged. There’s always a 50% — or less — chance that Dre will do a surprise OutKast reunion. It didn’t happen on Thursday night but Daddy Fat Stacks still managed to put on a very smooth set, beginning with “Miss Jackson” and weaving through “Shutterbug,” “The Whole World” and his latest track with Sleepy Brown, “Doin It.” [HipHopWired]

FADER FORT 2019 went down during SXSW with a big outdoor stage across the street from Hotel Vegas, and the lineup included sets from Big Boi, DaBaby, Dreezy, 10K.Caash, Rico Nasty, Lucki, Kari Faux, Japanese Breakfast, Sir Babygirl, Megan Thee Stallion, IDK, Cherry Glazerr, Queen Key, Mike Krol, Black Belt Eagle Scout, barrie, Empath, and more across the three days. Pictures from FADER FORT 2019 are in the gallery above.


photos by Ismael Quintanilla and Ryan Muir for The FADER

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