Ditch the Fest 3 on 10/12 @ 10/13 & GayCL on 10/14/2012
Ditch the Fest 3 @ 29th Street Ballroom 10/12 @ 10/13/2012
GayCL @ Cheer Up Charlies 10/14 @ 10/13/2012

There's rarely a shortage of things to do in Austin come festival time, and this weekend during ACL is no exception. For those who want something different from the Zilker Park fare, Ditch the Fest 3 is happening on Friday (10/12) and Saturday (10/13) at The 29th Street Ballroom and The Spiderhouse Cafe.

There's also GayCL over at Cheer up Charlies on 10/14, a Rock The Vote party (RSVP) over at The American Legion on 10/12, and both KGSR and KUT will have special events outside of that-other-thing going on.

Yet another option for Friday is visiting Holy Mountain, which is the new face of the former Beauty Bar on 7th Street. They'll be having an after-party there with Learning Secrets and Omar S (tickets are $10, but you can splurge and get a "VIP Booze Buffet Pass" for $25!).

This is hardly all that is going on this weekend (Transmission Free shows too), so if you're not rocking at ACL and can't find something to do - you're just not trying. :)

Check out more details from Ditch The Fest 3 and GayCL below.


Ditch The Fest 3:

lucythepoodle and 29th street hot burrito present

OCTOBER 12TH + 13TH 2012

The Calm Blue Sea, Bobby Jealousy, Knifight, The Wolf, Megafauna, JC & Co., Henry + The Invisibles, Les Rav, Black Books, Residual Kid, Kay Leotard, The Lonesome Heroes, The Couch, Ditch Witch, Burgess Meredith, Chase Frank + Vincent Durcan (Originals + PJ Harvey Covers), SuperLiteBike, Acorn Bcorn (Tuscon, AZ), She Sir, Watch Out For Rockets, Co-pilot (Houston, TX), Grace London, Ghost Wolves, Hello Wheels, Silver Ships, Motel Ball Band, Saucerians, Alaskan (Ottawa, Canada), Cocker Spaniels, Videoing, Joshua Brandon (Monterrey, Mexico), Suspirians, Auroravore, Maufrais, Ghetto Ghouls, Humanoids, Sweet Tea & Her Head Band, Lonely Playground, The Cymatic, The Spastic Shakes, Growl, plus a huge comet heading toward Earth to destroy all life as we know it.

details: lucythepoodle.tumblr.com/ditchthefestfest follow us: @lucythepoodle


Friday 10/12

Ballroom main stage
6:30 Growl
7:30 Lonely Playground
8:30 Maufrais
9:30 Residual Kid
10:30 The Spastic Shakes
11:30 The Vipers
12:30 Bobby Jealousy

Ballroom Bar Stage
8:00pm Ghost Wolves
9:00pm Chase Frank (performing originals + PJ Harvey covers)
10:00pm Humanoids
11:00pm Church Shoes
12:00pm Motel Ball Band

6:30pm MC Sweet Tea & Her Head Band
7:30pm Superlitebike
8:30pm Videoing
9:30pm The Lonesome Heroes
10:30pm Hello Wheels
11:30pm Man Rabbit
12:30pm Henry + The Invisibles

6:00pm Shortwave Party
7:00pm Grundel in the Bronx
8:00pm Co-Pilot
9:00pm Alaskan
10:00pm Megafauna

Saturday 10/13

ballroom main stage
6:30pm Burgess Meredith
7:30pm She Sir
8:30pm Grace London
9:30pm Les Rav
10:30pm Black Books
11:30pm Calm Blue Sea
12:30pm JC & Co.

Ballroom Small Stage
6:00pm Watch Out For Rockets
7:00pm The Couch
8:00pm Suspirians
9:00pm Kay Leotard
10:00pm Acorn Bcorn
11:00pm The Rich Hands
12:00pm Quin Galavis

Spiderhouse Chapel
6:30pm The Low Lows
7:30pm Auroravore
8:30pm Silver Ships
9:30pm The Cymatic
10:30pm Click Clack

Spiderhouse Bar
8:30pm Big Bill
9:30pm Borris Okane
10:30pm KNIFIGHT
11:30pm Joshua Brandon
12:30pm The Baker Family


Girl Friend Presents:


The Gay Independent Alternative.


Total Unicorn
Gender Benders
Lacey Roop
The Atomic Tanlines
Mom Jeans
Baby Got Bacteria
Los Dos Gatos


Part of the proceeds from gAyCL will benefit Team Prohomo, a local non-profit that promotes equality and social athletics in the community. http://teamprohomo.org/

Team Prohomo is currently trying to raise funds for their participation in AIDS Walk Austin 2012 which you can also participate in/donate to ->


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