Brent Grulke

Brent Grulke was a music man. He bought tons of records and worked with bands and eventually rose through the ranks of South By Southwest to become creative director in the mid-'90s. The reason that 2,000 acts play SXSW every year, instead of a more manageable 700 or 800 is, in part, because Grulke just wanted more, more, more when it came to music....

Brent died today and the shock is still with me and anyone else who knew his gentle soul. He was having oral surgery at the dentist office, a family friend told me, when he went into cardiac arrest. They worked on him for two hours, but he didn't pull through. He leaves a lovely wife Kristen and a precious six-year-old son. And his younger brother Brad, who was always so proud of Brent, who made a good living by following his passion. - [Michael Corcoran]

Brent Grulke, SXSW's Creative Director who had been with the festival since its founding in 1987, has died at age 52. Majorly sad news and Austin is reeling from the loss. Rest in peace, Brent.

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