by Klaus Kinski


I stand on a sharp precipice overlooking my 40th birthday and the onset of middle age. At this point in my life, I am rarely actively discovering new bands. I am fine with being an old man hunkered down with a bag over my head listening to what I am used to without the influence of outside recommendations. However, sometimes, though rarely, a friend's request of "Dude, you gotta check these guys out" actually has a quality band attached to it. Such is the case for psychedelic outfit Zachman. Hailing from Austin, TX and counting Sigur Ros, Pink Floyd, Deerhunter and The Velvet Underground as primary influences, Zachman is the brainchild of Johnny Zachman and the songs are an extension of a multimedia story by Zachman called I Was Getting On A Plane. As evidenced in the music you hear below, this is a band begs to be experienced live. Their songs are loaded with dynamic changes and jangly guitar textures that I'd kill to hear very very loudly. According to their website, "This year, the band will release the first three songs from I Was Getting A Plane alongside accompanying music videos." Two of those videos are already in the can and you can check them out below.

They currently have a single Austin area show in the works on September 11 at Sidewinder, so do check it out (9 PM / $6 / all ages, with Caustic Casanova & Malion)


disclaimer: some BrooklynVegan peeps do know Johnny personally through his day jobs in the music industry, but Klaus who wrote this post didn't know that until he read this disclaimer, if he even read it yet.

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