Alberta Cross

The Katalyst writes:

"Nothing angers and upsets me more than hearing about band's gear getting stolen. What revolting low life knicks a musicians equipments and we aren't talking musicians who have the deneros to just go out and buy new stuff not that vintage guitars are even replaceable! When Portugal. The Man were the victims of some scummy feral thief their plea to help find their stuff went viral and actually worked, well they got almost all their stuff back. Well now it's Alberta Cross! A 1962 Gibson and a 1971 Guild were stolen out of their SUV which was parked in the hotel's parking lot in Austin while at SXSW along with Petter's bag with a bunch of stuff in it including his microphone. Please for the love of God and all things Rock n' Roll spread this with the photos and help them try to get their two babies back!!"


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