Rachel Ray and husbandRachel Ray and husbandRachel Ray and husbandRachel Ray and husband

Action Bronson said in an interview that he would be playing Rachael Ray's SXSW party at Stubb's this year. That lineup is now out, and Action isn't on it, which is probably a better look for him anyway considering who is (Spank Rock doesn't seem to mind though, and I guess Jimmy Cliff is also on the billl...). I wonder how much Billy Gibbons is getting to play with her husband's band The Cringe, or maybe they're just all BFFs...

UPDATE: The RSVP link with the lineup seems to have been removed. Not sure if there's a new link.

In related news, Jimmy Cliff is also playing two other SXSW parties, and a show in Brooklyn and Coachella.